I have a lousy blog and here’s why

Here’s a fact that recently smacked me in the face. Both the hardest AND the easiest thing in the world to change is your own mind.

It may seem like it’s the hardest thing to change because we get stuck in a rut. I mean, the way I think IS the way I perceive and process everything I experience, right? I’m enveloped in it.

It seems IMPOSSIBLE to change my mind, right up until the very minute, the split second when I actually do. I reject my former mindset, and decide to agree with, oh, I dunno, objective FACTS, maybe. Or, even better, with God’s Word. And exactly then, in that precise moment, I realize that all the obstacles were imaginary. There was NOTHING keeping me stuck. Changing my mind was EASY. Like flipping a switch.

So, for a long time I have believed that I have a lousy blog. It’s written only for me. And it’s not even good at that because I usually write as if talking to an audience. (Like now.) It’s a lousy blog, but only because I kept thinking it shouldn’t be.

Don’t misunderstand and think I’m just ignorant about gaining an audience. I do know how to build a following. I’ve studied from some of the best, whose names I will graciously OMIT in order to protect their reputations. It’s just never been a priority to build a following. So, it’s not designed to be attractive, I don’t embed links, I’m incredibly sporadic with tagging and posting, I don’t email to a subscriber list….you get the picture.

This is “How Not to Blog“.

But that doesn’t mean it’s lousy. Because I just changed my mind. And now instead of the fear of trying, of rejection, or of failure, there’s hope.

So, I’m asking God to till up all the ruts in the ways I’ve been thinking so more wonderful new thoughts can be planted. When that new thinking takes root and shoots up into the sunlight, then the all fears that lived in the darkness become nothing but dust.

Did the devil make me do it?

sigh. Nope. It’s me again.

The day before yesterday I read about discerning if a particular difficulty is a demonic attack or whether it’s something God has allowed for a greater purpose. In addition to God’s work, we also sometimes mistake our own human flaws for demonic attack.

I think we all know someone who assumes every storm they encounter is an attack of the devil. But I tend to err on the side of assuming my own humanity is working against me, in agreement with Paul’s writing in Romans 7, where he names the law of sin as a perpetual enemy which is still working in me, and which must continually, repeatedly be subjugated to the victory of Jesus. Sadly, I’m usually right when I assume it’s only me again.

In short, when I look at my sin and ask myself, “Did the devil make me do it?” the answer is usually, “Nope. I’m all too capable of messing up all by myself. And that’s exactly what I did.”

That’s because it requires SUCH constant vigilance to choose the new nature God put inside me, choose the supernatural power of Jesus over sin and death, and choose the mind of Christ which allows me to think differently about it all. I can live victoriously, but it doesn’t just happen by itself when I get lazy about reigning in the ole’ fallen nature.

So, what happened after reading about recognizing the attacks of the enemy two days ago? I sank into the depths, spiritually speaking. Yesterday, Sandy counted for absolutely nothing in the kingdom of God. As Roseanne Rosanna Danna might say, “ I was depressed, I had bad breath, my feet hurt, I was gassy, I felt bloated, my armpits stank and I was out of deodorant.”

Nothing went wrong in my world, it was just a crappy day on the inside of me. So, was it just me? Or was it the devil? This time I suspect the devil might have had a hand in it, because of the timing, because I had no reason to feel depressed or discouraged. And because I started the 31 Days of Prayer and Praise challenge on Facebook, (my personal challenge is to speak my prayers out loud) so the devil had reason to throw obstacles in my way, intent on derailing me.

Even so, even if it was an attack, it was still something I could have overcome by choosing to rest in faith. I am not without defense against the enemy. No, I’ve been given every bit of armor I need to stand my ground. I could have “suited up” a la Ephesians 6. But instead, it was my choice to let an early morning orthodontic appointment throw my prayer time out the window. While I drove to the appointment I prayed at least few words, but since it’s so out of the norm for me to pray out loud right now, I really need the quiet solitude of my personal space at home, and some devotional reading to prime the pump. And I didn’t make it happen. I just didn’t.

Today’s devotional reading is about repenting of slothfulness. Which, it turns out is not laziness, but more like being lukewarm (eww!) spiritually, being neutral on the inside even when you’re still carrying on with all the outward actions. I suddenly realized that I gave up yesterday because I just haven’t been feeling the juice on the inside. How rude! And how incredibly accurate. Thanks, God.

No, really, Father, I am thankful. I’m glad you don’t want to allow me to show up every day empty. When that happens it’s only a matter of time before I become resentful about a lack of results from my “obedience”, and then I stop showing up at all. Holy Spirit, make my obedience a continual gift of worship, acknowledging that results are strictly your business.

Father, your point of view is so different than mine. If it looks like my life is pointless, it’s either because I don’t yet understand the point, or I’m not walking in the Spirit. Those are really the only 2 possibilities I see.

And, so help me, if the only way I can get into praying out loud for this 31 Days of Prayer and Praise FB challenge is to write a prayer and then read it out loud, then that’s what I’ll do.

Heavenly Father, I know you will honor my desire to be obedient and you will complete what is incomplete in me. I trust you to lead me and teach me, Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ and by his blood, Amen.

You Count. Keep after what you need. Serve humbly.

“Where there’s one, there’s two. Two is safe. Three is sure. Four’s a quorum – shut the door.”

In my dream a group of friends would repeat this saying as each one of them came in the door. It was a way of welcoming themselves into the group, announcing that they belong, and that their presence brings value. After the 4th entered they would all chime in, “close the door.” If there were more people coming in they’d playfully try to shut the door on the 5th,  but that person would begin again with “Where there’s one, there’s two” with the attitude “Oh, no you don’t. You’re not about to shut the door on me!”

This is what the saying meant.

In the church, 1 person never walks alone because The Holy Spirit is in them. Where there are 2 people together, there is validity and safety, as when the disciples were told to go out in pairs.  3 people equals agreement or unity, just as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one. In human terms, the 3rd person will mediate any difference between the other two so they can work in unity.  4 people represent the 4 corners of the world or 4 different points of view, so 4 are enough to reach a balanced decision.

No matter how many of their group met together, each person saw their presence as valuable and unique. In effect, this invocation was a statement of faith that whatever their number, they are complete.

We recited this saying as we came into a home where the host had just moved in and things had quickly been unpacked.  Dishes had just been put into the cabinets, still wrapped.

Spread out over the counters and dining tables, were results of some projects we’d each done, like scores. People greeted each other while checking their scores to add them up.

I’d not met with the group recently. Still, everyone knew me except a couple of new folks, so I was introduced to them. Everyone felt welcome.

Someone mentioned a prophetic verse in Isaiah. As I left this conversation to get a drink of water I overheard someone whisper as she pointed after me, “She is like Isaiah for us. Watch carefully what she does.” (In dreams, God often has someone tell me to pay attention like this before He shows me something.)

I picked up a glass that was wrapped with protective film. I unwound the sheet of clear plastic. But there was another one and I pulled it off.  After I pulled off another it was still wrapped.

Then I heard The Lord say to my spirit, “You’ll unwrap it 7 times before you take a drink”. So I believed Him and didn’t count them, although it seemed like much more than 7 already.

Because I knew this was a prophetic action, I held up the wrapped glass and the huge handful of film I’d removed so far and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear, “Can you believe I have to unwrap this 7 times just to get a drink?

After it was completely unwrapped the glass was much narrower than it looked before. It was a very narrow  water glass, but I drank from it and refilled it to drink again.

Then the host instructed everyone to go to groups and about half of them came into the kitchen where I was. We were being grouped by our results, but I hadn’t seen mine yet.

As I deliberated over which group I was intended to be in, the host noticed my uncertainty. He told me I was free to join either group, or go check my results and join a group based on them. I preferred one group, but was willing to be assigned to either. I knew someone could be offended if they misunderstood my position as a lack of humility. So I went to gather my scores.

There are 3 messages of encouragement in this dream.

  1. Each person must be confident that their presence adds value to their local body of Believers. Actions come later. Showing up and being counted among the number comes first. Count yourself in.
  2. Keep on. Continue. Even 7 times or more. It doesn’t matter how many little obstacles delay the simple fulfillment or satisfaction of your need.  If you’re thirsty, don’t stop.
  3. Choosing to be included is more important than position. One area of service is not better than another. Service is about unity,  growing together, and getting the job done. That’s why I could add value either way. And so can you.

Let me say it again. The Lord encourages us to be confident of our value to the body, be diligent in continuing toward what we need, and remain humble in receiving our assignments.

Does this message have any personal relevance to you today? Please comment below.

What should I do?

How often do you ask yourself that question? I ask myself a lot. Frequently,  my prayer is, “Lord, what should I do?” This question seems so terribly important. Sometimes I even stall out, afraid of making a wrong choice.

Have you struggled to make a decision lately? When I searched scripture this morning, I realized that the way I have always framed that question is what made me feel so much pressure.

As described in the book of Ecclesiastes, the world we live in cares what you do and how much you do. Our society says you should either do whatever you want since it doesn’t really matter, or you should do as much as you can because when you die you can’t do anything anymore. Sorry, that’s no help to me.

Big surprise. In the New Testament I found Good News.

What we do is not a big deal. God doesn’t care what you do. God cares how you do it. His instruction on what we should do, is to do good (Luke 6.) That’s pretty broad. He obviously intended us to enjoy a lot of freedom!

How should I do it? That’s a more important question. You can tell because God gave us plenty of instruction about that.

In Matthew 23, Jesus says to Do it humbly. Don’t do it for show.

1 Corinthians 10 says to Do it for the glory of God, not yourself.

2 Corinthians 13 says to Do it knowing that Jesus is in you. You’re not acting alone.

Colossians 3 says to Do it in the name of Jesus, giving thanks to The Father.

As I explored those instructions on how to do it, the decision about what I should do got easier.

Some things can’t be done in humility. (“My presentation was spot-on, wasn’t it? But, OMG, Jane’s flopped! Career-limiting move, right? I heard she was under a lot of pressure because…” blah, blah, blah.) So my To Do List just got shorter.

Some things can’t be done for the glory of God. (Hey, look at me getting revenge, drunk, lazy, worried, etc. for the glory of….. uh oh, that doesn’t work.) So I won’t do those things.

Some things can’t be done while aware that Jesus is there doing it, too. (C’mon, Jesus! Let’s you and me sneak off and get some good, old fashioned sinning done! And thank you Heavenly Father for such beautiful sinning weather today. In the precious name of Jesus, Hallelujah, Amen.)  This will not happen.

My decisions are going to be so much easier by changing my “What should I do” prayers into “How should I do it?” There’s no pressure as long as I remember that the way I act matters much more than what I achieve.

So, try it yourself. Ask “how” instead of “what”. Let me know how it goes.

Caught in the Rain

When is the last time you took a long walk in the rain?

Last time I got caught in the rain, at first I thought, “Oh, no, I’m getting drenched!” I was on my way somewhere and worried about my clothes, my hair, my shoes, and how I would look when I got where I was going. 

But then it started to feel good. By the time I was thoroughly soaked I was really enjoying it and didn’t want to come out of the rain for awhile.

This morning I was reading in Luke 12 where Jesus’ cautioned us against hypocrisy. As I reflected on this I saw a picture of a gentle rain pouring down. I was standing in a steady, continuous rainstorm.

Even in this downpour, I was completely dusty, dry, and thirsty. I was standing in a rainstorm and felt for all the world like I was in a desert.

God showed me in that picture that even though there is no shortage of His grace raining on me I may experience a “drought” anytime my unbelief(hypocrisy) has shielded me from letting God’s grace wash over me.

My unbelief – the faith I put in the wrong things- becomes like an umbrella that keeps me from feeling washed clean, constantly being renewed by the flow of His grace.

Anytime I am not aware of His constant grace and mercy flowing toward me I can ask him if I am holding an umbrella of doubt (or misplaced faith) and he will show it to me.

And then I can to choose to put down that umbrella and let the rain fall on me, or I can keep holding onto it and stay neat and dry, the way we tend to like things. 

This analogy connects to the way I often feel so vulnerable and exposed when I stop hiding under a particular unbelief and exercise faith in God.

At first it feels like I am uncovered and unprotected when I stop protecting myself with fear, doubt, performance measures, etc.

But once I get thoroughly soaked…..man, is it good.

I sure hope it rains today. Don’t you?

Time In The Mirror

Have you ever seen someone have  a “woo-woo” experience in church, with dramatic, outward signs of God’s presence in a Spirit-filled worship service – – But the next day go right back to their self-driven, sinful life? I was one of those. You, too? We perform good works, (like being a holy-roller on Sunday) yet hide our hearts from the One who instructs us in good works. And many wonder why we have not been changed. Tasting the Spirit, is not the same as being transformed by the Spirit.

It’s nothing but vanity. Doing good works can be like admiring ourselves when we happen to pass by a mirror; we’re not really looking for flaws to correct, just to admire ourselves, check out our “public image”, never mind the details. “For if you listen to the Word and don’t obey, it is like glancing at your face in a mirror. You see yourself, walk away, and forget what you look like. James 1”23-24.

God desires a deeper discipline. Not the discipline to memorize scripture, financially support your local church, share the Gospel with everyone you meet. Those are good and necessary things but you can immediately walk away from the outward displays, back to indulging your own foolish desires. Like punching a time clock when the day is done.

Those acts alone can’t give you freedom from sin like spiritual discipline. Christian, it is only by being courageous enough to open the can of worms that is your heart-mind-spirit before a loving God and commune with Him daily, seeking or allowing His intimacy with you that will transform you, turning your path away from self-indulgence.

2 Corinthians 3:15-17 Please pardon my notes inserted: But to this day, whenever Moses is read, or when we read or hear God’s book of the law and good works, “a veil lies over their heart;We hide our innermost self from Him.But whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.When we turn to God, we must reveal our innermost self to Him.Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.In this, comes freedom from our old ways!But we all, with unveiled face,Hiding nothing from Him, with our gaze openly on Him, instead of our self, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.We become what we admire most. We embody love.

It takes courage, for this is a frightful level of intimacy you have never known through human contact. It is much more intimate than any other intimacy. But the rewards are a thousand times richer. Through this intimacy the adopted child gradually becomes the natural born child resembling his Father in all ways, chiefly in love.


Are You a Disciple?

Maybe I’m slow-witted, but until today it never dawned on me that I am a disciple. Today’s reading in My Utmost For His Highest was about being alone with Jesus, and about the 12 who were constantly with Him. I never really considered that the difference in the disciples and the crowds who followed Jesus is the same difference in me and the large number of people who call themselves “Christian”.

I haven’t called myself a Christian for some years. Not that I left behind the Christian faith, but I left religion behind. I refer to myself as a Follower of Jesus Christ, or even as His Beloved One, but I don’t use the term “Christian” because it doesn’t mean what it once did. It doesn’t mean I have separated myself from the rest of society in devotion to Jesus. No, it commonly means I’m a good, conservative American. Or it may mean I am mainstream if I call myself “Christian”. And since the mainstream doesn’t necessarily follow Jesus I stopped using that term. 

But I can call myself a Disciple of Jesus. It reflects the truth of our relationship; that I live with Him and learn from Him daily. That I follow Him to do His bidding and I watch to see all that He does and marvel at His actions. I am often perplexed and question Him about why He has done this thing instead of that. But increasingly often I remain quiet when perplexed because He’s taught me to trust His ways.

Because of this sometimes Jesus and I celebrate when the world is mourning. Sometimes we mourn while society cheers. He and I may feast while the masses observe austerity, or we may fast while they party. I’m not following the crowd, I’m following my Savior, Jesus. My goal is to do exactly what He does, in His timing.

In fact, that’s my goal this year, to Do as He does. This is a year of reflection, and action. I’m excited and challenged by this path.

I had become a follower of too many good tribes, and distracted by too many good action plans. But I heard His call clearly, so this year I will seek Him to set my action plan daily, even minute-by-minute.

So, tell me about you. Are you a Disciple of Jesus? Are you in the crowd who shows up occasionally, hoping to see a miracle, or when they’re hungry or sick? Or are you seeking a close relationship with the Son of God? Are you somewhere in between?

How do you describe your walk of faith?

Some things to throw out with the tree

I usually do a better job than this, so its kinda weird to not feel good about the gifts I gave. Some gifts didn’t seem enough, didn’t look as cool as they did when I picked them out, or maybe they didn’t turn out to be The Gift, the favorite gift of the year.

And I realize that means I’ve been giving selfishly before, in order to make myself feel good about what I gave. But, really, doesn’t it just feel awesome when you know you gave the best  gift? Not so awesome to realize that that’s what you care about.

I also felt a bit awkward, or sad, maybe, to receive nice gifts when I never go to bed hungry, or worried about having a roof over my head. My needs are met.

This year Keith and I watched A LOT of Christmas movies, more than I’ve watched my whole life put together. And I bet I got something out them that wasn’t intended. They were full of holiday traditions that have nothing to do with my faith in Jesus Christ. These movies made me realize The Church’s similarity to the Israelites, God’s Chosen people, when they would take on the customs of whatever pagan folks they lived with. Their sons would marry those cute, pagan hotties they met at college, and next thing you know they’re adopting the in-law’s holidays and trying to find a way to fit them into their own faith. They mixed pagan holiday traditions with the rituals God established for them, to set them apart as His own. Can you really honor false gods and the one, true living God at the same time?

No matter what you think of Christmas, you can recognize that it is a mixture of traditions from different faiths. And if we, Believers have been grafted into His family and have become His chosen ones, we also have a calling to be separate from other cultures, set apart for His purposes.

Right now, while yesterday’s memories are fresh, with the mixture of feelings that comes along with every family gathering ( and every family gathering missed ), it’s a perfect time to sort through Christmas traditions and decide which ones to pack away for next year and which ones to discard.

If your best defense of any particular tradition or holiday symbol is “There’s nothing wrong with it” maybe you should dig deeper to see if there’s anything right with it or true in it. The holidays and traditions God established for His people were given to to remind them of specific examples of His grace and mercy toward them.

It’s not an easy thing to do after so many generations of mixing cultures. If you put a manger scene on a pagan holiday object, does it become holy? No, just like putting an asherah pole in the temple was a no-no for the Jews. No way! So there goes a lot of stuff you’d normally buy for the “Secret Santa” exchange for Sunday School next year. Which brings up the question, why do we make such a fuss about giving gifts to people who already have everything they need? It doesn’t seem like that could possibly honor the amazing gift of a humble Savior that we received from God. He gave something we couldn’t give ourselves.

Here’s one way you can tell there’s a problem. It is our normal psychology NOT to defend the truth with a lot of emotion when it is threatened. An innocent person, wrongly accused of shoplifting will express their innocence, and then wait for an apology after they’ve been searched. But if you accuse someone of shoplifting while their pockets are stuffed with stolen goods, they create quite a scene shouting about being persecuted and wrongly accused, and how evil the person is who caught them. They will LOUDLY defend the lie, even after you prove them wrong by pulling unpaid-for merchandise off their person. That volatile anger is one of the red flags that liars rarely resist waving.

That’s why this is such a volatile subject. Want to start an argument? Question the traditions people practice and perpetuate, which they know are based on a lie. That red flag of anger pops right up. Accusations follow. It’s human behavior-speak for “I don’t believe in what I’m doing, but I hate being challenged about it.” Can you think of some traditions that make people angry when challenged? Funny thing is, those traditions are the ones that get people indebted, exhausted, depressed, or burned out during the holiday season.

I’ve never heard anyone get angry if a coworker questions their practice of feeding the hungry or even going to a Christmas Eve church service. I suppose one might get angry if they really didn’t believe in it and felt pressured to be charitable, but otherwise they’d just accept that you don’t share the same faith and move on.

But what happens if you question anyone’s favorite Christmas tradition that’s based on a lie or a false religion? Where does that anger come from? Is it from defending the Truth?

Please don’t leave a comment about your tradition being “based on” a real historical figure or practice. Instead, when you think of the way it has always been practiced by you, personally, is it true? Does it reflect your personal faith in Jesus Christ?

If you leave a comment, why not give an example of a Christmas tradition you could do without next year, in favor of something that rings of Truth, the Truth that set you free?  Celebrating Christmas in the traditional, American way doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a Follower of Jesus Christ. How about a tradition that sets you apart from popular culture and labels you as one of God’s own chosen ones?

It’s time to rock the boat. And you can’t rock it if you’re not in it, so this is not directed to people of any other faith. But to you who follow Jesus Christ, some things just might need to fall out of the boat so there is more room to rescue helpless and hopeless people.

Write Your Book, so I can read it, please

One of the reasons I write is to encourage YOU to write your own life journey. The things you learn as you pursue a life of faith are worth documenting, and worth sharing with others who may be learning the same things.

This September, I took  The Self Publishing System (Yes, that’s an affiliate link, so it helps me if you click it to sign up) offered by a very intelligent, generous, Christian family guy named Andy Traub. He’s a talented, engaging, successful expert in self publishing. And he developed this system to make it easy for us to do what he did.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you write it, readers will come. A lot of people self-publish, but their book just sits there because their readers don’t know it exists.

In The Self Publishing System  Andy not only gives the technical expertise for creating your book, ebook, e-cover, website, email list, print versions, etc, but also gives you the simplest process for building a community of people who want to read what you write enough to help promote it and support it after you publish. He even convinced me how important generosity is to the success of my book launch.

I haven’t written my book yet. (When I do, you’ll hear about it!)  Even so, The Self Publishing System is already worth every penny I paid for it, because now I’m fully equipped to make my book happen. Plus, it connected me with a very supportive, talented community of writers who have important things to say, just like me. Just like YOU.

If you have any desire to publish a book, if you’ve always thought there was a book inside you waiting to be written, The Self Publishing System will give you everything you need to get it written, published – and read by people who want it.​

Here’s the link:  The Self Publishing System

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S I G H. And now you’re all gonna beat me, and have a hugely successful book before I do! Dang it!



A Life at Sea

Have you felt adrift, or shipwrecked by something unexpected? Have you ever compared your life to a sea voyage?

I’m not that fond of the ocean. I’m not a great swimmer – and I’m always suspicious of what I can’t see as I’m floating on a huge expanse of water. Even so, I admit it is a common analogy for good reason.

Ahoy, Rudderless Ship, all you slaves to wind and waves. The Truth will set you free. Weathering a few storms has taught me this: It is the Holy Spirit that provides stability, direction, and power to keep me on course, like a rudder.  Without God’s perfect perspective I can’t see everything He does. But I can choose to believe in His direction each day. I can choose to participate with God in the voyage of my life by trusting Him enough to put my hand on the rudder, laying hold of the Truth He reveals.

It has not always been this way. When I don’t choose the discipline of the Holy Spirit, I’m at the mercy of the elements. What about you?

As I make my way, I spy a beautiful tropical island in the distance. The winds of emotion swell into my sails. Moved by feelings, I’ll strike out for that tempting isle. But the wind is fickle and powerful just like my emotions. When I see any hazard in my way, my sails deflate. Soon feelings change, the winds turn to blow against me and I begin to doubt my course. If I let emotion drive me, each time the wind dies down I just drift. I lose heart and lose my sense of direction until another sparkling island arouses my desire. I am constantly changing direction.

When I notice the powerful waves of circumstance taking me in a specific direction,  I set my sights on a target simply because I am moving toward it. It’s the easiest route. Occasionally, I glimpse another gorgeous island coming into view, its white sands gleaming in the sunlight, moving closer as I’m driven by the sea. Surely, this is my destiny! — Unless an unexpected storm or unseen cross-current changes my direction completely. As the tide turns I find that I’m suddenly out of control, with my dream-destiny rushing toward me. I am afraid to have my hopes dashed on the rocks, if I arrive unprepared. Or, depending on the current I may see that tempting island slipping farther away beyond the horizon, always unattainable. I will  continually revise my goals based on the changing weather and tides. By leaning too heavily on circumstances, I ride the sea from one disappointment to the next.

On the other hand, if I depend on my logic or intellect to direct me, I may never even notice the tropical island through the spyglass because my eyes are always on the charts and the stars. My mind is continually occupied with the compass and map, calculating a course toward a practical destination, based on my observations of the heavens and my God-given skills. When surprised by a storm I will either deny it’s effect and sink, or suffer devastating losses each time my navigational skills are overwhelmed by the variables of the sea. I set out with complete certainty in my skills and understanding, only to become convinced they are inadequate for the task.

Relying on emotional drive or personal strength is like depending on the wind to always blow the direction I need.

Relying on conditions and circumstances, is as foolish as counting on the waves and ocean currents to establish my purpose.

Relying on my intellect is like keeping my eyes on the charts and the stars, but being ignorant of the power in the wind and waves.

Wind and waves will definitely move me. And map-reading is practical. But if these are in control of my direction, I’m lost.

Storms will come. Winds will change. There are a multitude of unknowable dangers beneath the surface of the sea. I will not be a slave to these.

Instead, with God’s help, I will put my hand on the rudder of Truth, and be governed by Him.

What will move you?